Thursday, 21 December 2017

How to Make Money with Clickbank method 2 : Clickbank+SEO

This method is a historical one,from the beginning of Clickbank Marketing,however,it still works.
First of all, you need to find a product which has the potential to be a hot one in the future.

You can do some research in according to CB New Products and CB Best Gains

Find your own potential product and make a Review Website for it.

The key of this method is the domain name.

For Example:

After research,we find this product “Big Diabetes Lie” has the potential to be a hot one.

Then we can register a domain for it .

Usually,we prefer to register a domain like this :

Product name+review

Product name+ scam

The domain will be

The reason is simple because a lot of customers like to search product name + review or scam on
If you have a domain like this,you have the advantage to rank higher on Google/
We can search Big Diabetes Lie Review on We can find this website on the first page of Yahoo
And these two websites

The content of these websites are very simple ,just a brief review, if you can’t write it, you can go to to find some related articles and rewrite them.

The website can be a Wordpress or just one simple Html page

It is not hard to make some money with this historical method,but you need to pay attention to these two points. One is Product Research,it is very important.

If you choose a potential product like “Big Diabetes Lie” which can be very popular in the future.
And you register a related domain like

You dig up the gold.

Every day,there will be a lot of traffic from search engine to your website,you will make money.

The other point is Back Links

Although a good related domain will get you a good position on search engine,if you have time,I recommend you to build some back links for your website,this will Improve the ranking

The laziest way to build back links for your website is SEO software You can send an email to to ask me for some good SEO Automatic software.