Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How to Make Money with Android Apps

Money, money, money. Words so frequently heard. To be totally honest, we all need a little more money from time to time and this is a reason why many of our app makers turn to app making. Appsgeyser is an all around app making platform that allows you to make money from your apps.

Appsgeyser was created with monetization in mind. This means that the platform has not one, but 4, different ways in which you can make money with Android apps. The simplicity of creating apps and getting a variety of apps into the app market with the large range of alternate templates enables you, as an app maker, to create apps with ease, and utilize the monetization options that are on offer.

Apps Geyser is a free service that helps you convert your service into an app and make money using it. Apps geyser have already created more than 254K ads . You can create your app easily in just 2 steps and then distribute it.
You can also distribute ad-supported apps and easily make some money using it.  It provides you social sharing feature and let you share your app on all major social networks.