Monday, 19 February 2018

How to Promote ClickBank Via Email

Clickbank+List Marketing
How to build a high converting list building funnel that convert free
traffic into subscribers then will then convert into money ?
Keep in mind,If you want to make money from your list,you should know
the goal of email marketing should be to grow a list of subscribers that
know,like and trust you.
You will get a lot subscribers such as:

When you nurture your list with love and respect,you will be able to
make a lot of money in the long term,It is very important to communicate
with your subscribers

First of all, you need an Auto-Responder Service
The email Auto-Responder Service will be the main tool used for

bringing in your profits. You will use this tool to collect leads, to send out
follow up emails to your subscribers, and you will do this on autopilot.
Getresponse and Aweber are very famous,you can choose one of them.

Aweber is the service that I use personally; I’ve been with them for a long
time and really felt no reason the switch at the moment. They offer $1 30-
day trial with no limits on service during that trial. From there it will cost
you $19 a month if you wish to continue using them.

Then you need at least 3 pages
Squeeze Page
Thank You Page
Download Page
Each page will play an important role in your list building and making the
most profit from your traffic.
Squeeze Page
The squeeze page is the front door to your business,
on the squeeze page you need to keep things as simple and to the point as
possible. All we want the visitor to do is enter their email address.
Finally include an opt-in form on the page,something like

Thank You Page
Thank you page is the page your customers land on immediately after
they've Signed up
Download Page
Your download page is the final point in the entire funnel. This is where

you deliver your main training.
Creating Your Email Follow Up

The email follow up is where the magic happens in this entire system.
You see once you set these up you never have to touch them again. To
build you follow up series, you will need to craft some emails that will go
out each day from the time someone joins your list.
Welcome Email is the email you send the subscriber immediately after
they join.

First impressions is very important,you had better set a welcome email so
that once a person subscribes to your list, he or she will get it.
then give away some good material in a free report or bonus
All you have to worry about from here is driving traffic.
There are a lot of methods to drive traffic, some are free traffic,some are
paid traffic.

Check the picture below,
This is a real payment proof of the person who just use Facebook to drive
the traffic for his Squeeze page.
I just want to tell you ,if you have chosen one traffic source ,just focus on
it to see the result.