Saturday, 23 June 2018

How to Make $73.13 a Day with Clickbank and Free Mobile Apps

Over 20% of traffic is now on a mobile device,have you considered this with your landing pages, campaigns and pitch pages?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is simply a marketing that uses mobile phones and related devices to promote a business.
Mobile Marketing is an extension of internet marketing and trends are showing that it could be even more effective over time.

People are slowly moving away from using their PCs to browse the internet and opting for the convenience found in phones.

Mobile Marketing offers the most direct, most personal way of getting in touch with your customers. Whether we are talking awareness, sales promotion or customer retention, Mobile Marketing adds an interactive dimension that is unparalleled for effectiveness and immediacy.

Mobile marketing is the next big thing. The last one was social media like Facebook and Twitter.
That's still hot,but mobile marketing is hotter now in 2015.

Over 20% of all ClickBank sales are made via a mobile device,so if you miss mobile,you miss your future!